Event Day Details

Guiness World Records attempt

It’s the big day!

You’re ready, you’re prepared and now, it’s all about enjoying yourself!

The 10k run will take place, along with all outreach participants and the coaches, plus everyone else running from around the world at…

Felixstowe Promenade on Sunday 19th September at 09:30




before the event

  • You must check the Virtual Guinness World Record Attempt 2021 portal before the event to ensure that you are familiar with the requirements for uploading your run time and distance on the day. This includes downloading an app that will record your distance, date and time, or using Fitbit, Garmin or an Apple watch to do so.
  • An email detailing what to do has been sent to you from Virtual Runners. Please be aware that your time MUST be uploaded by 3pm on Monday 20th September for it to be included in the final data.
  • Download your runner’s number so you have it ready for the event.

On the day

– Things to remember for event day –

  •  The 10k World Record Attempt will start and finish at Landguard Fort, View Point Rd, Felixstowe IP11 3TW.
  • Please arrive by 0900. Meet in front of the main Fort entrance.
  • Parking is available in the View Point car park. It costs £3.00 for 4 hours.
  • Toilets are available at the View Point Café and Information Centre.
  • The run will start at 0930.

Arrive with as little as possible and leave bags in a car or with friends/family. Depending on the weather consider bringing:

  • Change of clothes & towel to dry off (you won’t want to remain in sweaty kit as you will soon get cold).
  • Your running number and safety pins to attach it.
  • Vaseline for those areas that may rub.
  • Sunscreen and cap/hat (if hot).
  • Gloves, neck warmer, hat & long sleeve top to wear under your T-shirt/vest if it is cold.
  • A small amount of money and mobile phone for Selfies 😉.
  • Banana/energy bar or easily digestible food to eat before your run.
  • Drink for those that carry them. Jelly babies or similar energy to put in your bum bag for those who wish to … nothing that you haven’t already tried as we don’t want upset stomachs!
  • Before the run avoid dehydrating elements: alcohol, caffeine, salt (ready meals are packed with it).

Family and friends are welcome to join you at the start and finish of the event and cheer you on your way round the course. The route will take place along Felixstowe promenade from Landguard Fort to Cobbold’s Point. On-road parking is available between these two points.

    Arrangements for the finish:

    Once you’ve finished your run, please congregate at the finish area, outside the front of Landguard Fort. Ask your friends to do the same. There will be a short debrief/presentation before you will be free to leave. The View Point café is recommended for food and drinks.

    After the event

    Tips to recover quickly and comfortably after your run – from your running coaches:


    • Eat – replenish carbs & proteins within an hour of finishing. Don’t forget to treat yourself too!
    • Stretch – as we have shown you whilst your muscles are still warm.
    • Apply cold water – it works for Racehorses so it will work for you too. A cool or cold shower or bath will flush lactic acid out of our muscles (though horses often feel a little frisky afterwards!!).
    • Walk – unless you are a professional athlete you won’t feel like a cool-down jog after your event, but try and get out for a 30-60 minute walk later in the day to help flush the lactic acid of out of your legs ….. it will also give you the chance to brag to the neighbours about the huge medal hanging round your neck.
    • Drink – it may take 3 litres plus to replenish your fluids. Wow, that’s a lot of wine or beer … but preferably water or an electrolyte drink. 😂
    • Jog – wait 2 days before doing a slow jog to stretch your legs. NO BIG RUNS for 2 weeks.
    • Massage – wait a couple of days and get yourself a professional Sports Massage.
    • Rest – it may not be easy to contain your enthusiasm, but your body will need time to rest and recover, although a gentle swim would be good for you.
    • Be Proud – you are one of the few that have had the courage to train for this as most didn’t even make it to the starting block. Whether you were the fastest or the slowest you were way ahead of those that never made it off the sofa.
    • Wait at least a week before you enter your next event or vow never to run another 😉😉.
    • Details of local running clubs and Park Runs in Suffolk can be found on the MAC Outreach website – go on, give one of them a try.