It was so good last night to see everyone in person and in the flesh so speak. On behalf of all the coaches and those working behind the scenes on administration, thank you for all your enthusiasm, smiles and commitment. We know from everyones reaction that this again be a fantastic group and you will all achieve the goals that you have set yourselves. Everyone without exception achieved more than I could have imagined last night so a brilliant start.

Now to the hard work, this week’s homework. The long run should be no more than 50(fifty) minutes. Similar to last night I would suggest to do this in 5(five) minute segments with no more than 2 (two) minutes running in each segment. Therefore 2(two) minutes run ,3(three) minutes walk. If you can’t do two minutes run then do what is comfortable but please please do not exceed the two minutes running and fifty minutes overall.

For the short session this should be just 25(twenty five) minutes and gain in 5(five minute segments as above  and again no more than 2(two) minutes per segment actually running with 3(three) minutes walking, 25(twenty five minutes total and no more.

I would suggest you do the short session first and the longer one second.. Please do not run on consecutive days as this could lead to injury. It’s fine on days when you’re not running just to do a walk or other exercise if you wish, just don’t run.

I promise the coaching notes will get shorter as we go on it’s just need to get everyone used to things first of all.

Really well done again to everyone, keep it up and we will have some fun and laughter all the way for the next 12 weeks.

Take care