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Hi Sally
Glad to hear you had a great time on Tuesday …. What a shame you turned your ankle ☹️

You did the right thing by icing your ankle when you got home …. Swelling and redness is a sign that you have some inflammation so keep on icing that area for 10 minutes at s time when you have the opportunity …. It’s also a good idea to elevate your ankle when you can too …. So things like putting a pillow under your foot at bed st night will help ….

As you are not in pain it doesn’t sound as though you have done anything too nasty …. So just go out for your short walk / run but be very cautious snd if need be briskly walk the whole 25 minutes ( it’s time on your feet that counts st this stage)
As soon as you get home put I’ve on the area to stop inflammation setting in and try and ice ever couple of hours …. DONT BE TEMPTED WITH ANY HEAT on the area ……..

Hope this helps …. Let me know how things go 😉

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