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Hi Joanne
Thanks for letting us know nice and early …. We do appreciate it …..

We will be doing the run that we did last week but in the reverse way round ….. same format …. Starting with a warm up before starting running at an EASY PACE in this heat with 1 minute walk intervals and up to 3 minutes of running , but no more ….

PLEASE DONT WORRY ABOUT YOUR SPEED OR DISTANCE as this heat will slow everyone down …. It’s just time on your feet that matters

So a run on Tuesday ( or to suit but noting not to run on 2 consecutive days ) of approx 45 to 50 minutes …….,

We will post homework on the coaching page on Wednesday so remember to take a look .

Now the covid rules are to be relaxed we will be always running in one group ( though mindful of keeping space around you ) so we can all support and encourage EVERYONE

We will miss you on Tuesday …

Go Joanne Go 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Bridge & Baz