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Hi Katie ………
Well ….. with all these niggles you are getting I think you can well and truly declare yourself a real Runner 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️….. but hey … sorry to hear your knees are still giving you problems ….. and rest assured over time your body WILL ADAPT to its new fitness routine …. It’s just your way of your muscles saying “ blimey …. I haven’t been used like this before @ 😉😉
you are doing everything right …..

Keep on icing the area wrapped in damp tea towel every couple of hours and putting your feet up too ……. Also sleep tonight with a pillow underneath your knees so they are slightly elevated …….

You may want a warm bath tonight and if you do think about buying yourself some Epsom salts …. This really does help muscle soreness ….

Two things ……. Running down hill will pound your knees more as will hard surfaces like pavements so try to stick to softer ground like the routes that we have been using on Tuesdays ……..

Another thing …….. did you get some new shoes when you started or are you relying on an older pair ? You need to give yourself as much support as possible ….

If you now have problems on your shins / lower leg / knees it is pointing to the fact thar your lower muscles now need to be worked on to stretch them out …….

You say you have taken ibuprofen ….. this is good to take at night to help the niggles abide so that you can sleep better but if you take this during the day it will alleviate any pain and you won’t know if you are actually aggravating the situation …. So try and keep off if you can manage without during daytime .

Lastly ….. know that you are doing a great job …….. we have plenty of time to prepare you for your 10K challenge so please keep your mind positive and if you have to back off and slow down / walk for longer that really isn’t a problem ….

Obviously this is all general advice …… if you feel you are stiffening up try and go out tomorrow for a walk to loosen your muscles off a little …..

Hope things settle for you and you are able to join us on Tuesday with that big smile if yours 😍😍

Take care

Bridge xx😘😘