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    I did my 1st run/walk homework on Thursday, 25mins and it felt great after I’d done it. But the following 2 days, the bit above my knee and calves has been aching so much that I found it hard to walk normally. I was expecting some ache but this felt awful, like I had hurt myself.

    It’s only slightly better today and I’m stressing about doing the 50min homework as I didn’t like how it felt the last 2 days.

    Anyone else with similar experience?

    Baz GoldstoneBaz Goldstone

    Just to say hope everyone has managed there home work during the last week . I know that some of you may feel a little stiffness and soreness in the muscles and joints after exercise. It’s quite normal for Thai to happen irrespective of how fit you are when you are using muscles that perhaps haven’t been used used for a while.
    It’s called Delayed onset Muscle Soreness (Doms for short)
    To give you reassurance I have copied and pasted the following note from the NHS .
    Have you ever felt sore after starting a new activity or pushing yourself harder than usual during a workout?

    Muscle soreness that shows up 1 or 2 days after exercising can affect anyone, regardless of your fitness level.

    But do not be put off. This type of muscle stiffness or achiness is normal, does not last long, and is actually a sign of your improving fitness.

    It happens to Bridget and me when we do different exercises in the gym but soon goes

    See you all Tuesday, take care



    Hi Baz

    Thanks for letting me know what this ache is. I’ve had ache before but this took me by surprise. But as you say, not been active for some time and I think my body is complaining.

    Do you think I could use some deep heat? I’ll give DOMs a google it might tell me what to do.


    Hi Anna
    Please bring this up tomorrow at the coaching evening so that we can ensure that everyone gets to know .

    There will always be plenty of time for us to answer any questions / put worries to bed / oh ….. and whoop whoop and motivate you all on a Tuesday evening 😉😉

    Look forward to seeing you tomorrow xx😘😘🏃🏃‍♀️

    Andrew BrookeAndrew Brooke

    Hi Team,

    Completed my 50 min walk run on Saturday in Holywells Park. Feel uncomfortable when I see people. Also managed my 25 min walk run yesterday morning at 5:35am. Made sure all my running gear was ready so there was no chance of having a “simple” excuse. Enjoyed it, there was slight rain, which was nice. I had to pick up some milk, so tried to time my run with Tesco’s opening at 6:00. Arrived 10 minutes too early, so did a extra lap round the houses.


    Hi Andrew
    Well done for doing your homework … you will become more comfortable about seeing people whilst you are running ad your confidence increases ……
    Not sure if I’m reading this right …. But I think you may have run two consecutive days ( mon and Tuesday ?? )

    We recommended that you do your short run on Thursday then long run Saturday or Sunday …. Or short on Friday with long on Sunday ….. that way you always have a days rest between your runs and formal coaching evening ….. this way you will not put your muscles at risk of injury

    Whooo whoop
    Great start …. Well done

    Bridge x

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