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    Shaheda AmbroseShaheda Ambrose

    As we excitedly near our Guinness Book of World Records 10K run, and very sadly 😥 inch closer to the end of the programme, I thought I’d write about what other runners, specifically in this case, park runners, do to keep their interest level up. Many participate in a range of challenges. The link below explains the additional ones beautifully, but remember Parkrun have their own milestone T-shirts for completing a specific number of parkruns e.g. 50, 100, 250 etc!

    The one I have taken part in so far, is the Tourist Challenge which involves visiting a minimum of 20 different parkruns. This gives you access to the closed UK parkrun tourists Facebook group,where you can purchase a ‘cow cowl’, which runners wear with pride and opens up the opportunity to converse with other runners about their cow cowls, and other runners are always keen to chat about running.

    There are other challenges as explained in the link above, but there is an additional one not mentioned called the Wilson Index, which is a bit more complex so I will do that when I’ve retired!! I’ll leave you to look that one up yourselves.

    Just to say, haha, I do not have any affiliation to any of the afore mentioned organisations, but more that I’m a happy participant of the challenges and they certainly keep me motivated and may help you with that too!

    Finally, in case you were not aware, you can take your parkrun barcode to any overseas parkrun where it will be successfully scanned, however you still need to run/walk first lol…..

    Hope this is useful

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