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    Paul EvansPaul Evans

    Yes, this is a running group and competing the 10k distance in September is our main goal, so time on your feet with hopefully less walking and more running as we get closer to the 19th is the our ultimate challenge, but it is also important to remember especally if your legs are feeling a bit beat up or you have a slight niggle there are other forms of exercise you can do which will be just as beneficial to your overall fitness. After all your heart & lunges don’t know what exercise you are doing, plus it will give those tired legs, slight niggle time to settle down, especally if its a none weight bearing activity.

    I personally have found that I can no longer run everyday without becoming very tired, so every 2 or 3 days I take to my static bike, where I can work just as hard (getting my heart rate up)and its none weight bearing, so adding to my overall fitness levels.

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