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    Paul EvansPaul Evans

    The weather man says it is going to warm up over the next few weeks and we are going to experience some very warm days & night, great for siting on the beach, but not so great for running so hear are a few tips on running in heat.
    * The first is a bit obvious but here it is anyway, try and go out early in the morning or later in the day when it has cooled down, avoid the mid day sun if you can.
    * The faster you run the more heat your body will generate, so reduce your pace accordingly even if that means walking after all its still time on your feet or you could simple reduce the duration of your session or both.
    * Make sure you take a drink with you, and makes sure you are well hydrated before & after your session.
    * Wear light coloured clothing, also less is more in hot conditions (but don’t get arrested!)

    Seriously the best coach you will ever have is yourself always air on the side of caution and listen to your body !

    Enjoy and stay safe !

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