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    This is a copy of the email you all NEED TO GO INTO AND MAKE SURE ALL YOUR DETAILS ARE CORRECT …..

    I put my club name in as
    MACoutreach 2021

    Hope this helps 😘

    Guinness World Record Attempt 2021 – Access to the runners portal
    Dear Bridget ,
    Your access to the runners portal
    The virtual Guinness World Record Attempt 2021 will take place on Sunday, September 19, 2021. You can now login into the running portal if you have not already done so!

    How does the portal work? – It is super easy!
    Click on this link: RUN PORTAL
    Your access details:
    Username: your email (which you used to sign up)
    Password: **********
    (if you copy and paste make sure not to copy any spaces)
    Your password is not shown here? This means you already registered for a previous run. Please use the password which you received when you signed up for your first run.
    You forgot your password? Just click on “forgot password” on the running portal and a new password will be sent to you via email.

    What to do on the running portal?
    You may check and complete your runner information:
    Select your run
    Click on edit (next to your name)
    You may now enter/correct your name, add your gender and age (important for the ranking)
    If you signed multiple runners, multiple running slots (with empty names) will be shown. Just enter their names, gender and age as well.
    You may download your runners number (Bip) and print it out for the run

    Get connected with the runners’ community!
    If you want to get to know your fellow runners around the world, we offer three opportunities:
    Join the dedicated Facebook Group for runners only:
    Internationalen Facebook Guinness World Record Attempt 2021 Community
    Like our Facebook page with all the latest news:
    Facebook Page
    Follow our Instagram page with wonderful impressions from our runners:
    follow on Instagram

    What happens on the running day?
    Start of the run
    You can run at any time on the day of the run. Run alone or meet virtually in the Facebook group or ‘live’ with others at any start time.
    Please pay special attention to the current Corona regulations!

    Recording of the running time
    You can measure the time with any running app or a running watch. After you have finished, please log into your account in the running portal. Click on the “edit-button” to enter your time and upload the screenshot of your result.

    Share your pictures and experience with the community
    You are most welcome to share pictures of you in the Facebook group, because the community lives from it. This is how you get to know each other even better in your running community and also gives you the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world.

    Your running certificate
    You can download it directly on the portal by clicking on the Certificate button. This will be available around 2-3 hours after uploading your time in the running portal as the team will first have to approve your time.

    The ranking
    We will release the list with the results and ranking online the day after the run (by end of the day) on the running portal. Please make sure that you enter your time within 12-24 hours after running.

    Your medal
    The medal will be sent to you shortly after the run assuming you did the run and uploaded your time within 24 hours of your run. This procedure ensures that only those runners will receive their medals that run for it. Due to the current situation shipping can take a few days longer than usually.

    Should you have any further questions, please contact us at:

    Otherwise we will ‘meet’ at the event πŸ˜‰

    Have a great RUN!

    Best regards,

    Helmar and the VirtualRunners team

    Josie GroomJosie Groom

    Morning lovely.
    I vaguely remember sorting my profile out right at the beginning when we got the email, but I now cant find how to edit it once logged into the portal to add the mac outreach bit. Think I’ve done everything else.

    Kim WattsKim Watts

    The only emails I can find from virtual runners are offers for 5% discount for introducing friends and family. Ignored these so I suspect any other virtual running emails were treated and deleted as spam.

    Josie GroomJosie Groom

    Kim… if you follow this link

    and do log in, use your email address and fo forgotten password you should be able to get in on and sort it.

    Hope this helps


    Hi Josie and all

    If you have any problems there are lots of answers in the questions and answers section of virtual runners website ….

    To edit your personal detail log in and you will see your first name and to the left of it there is a number ……

    To the left of the number is a small blue circle with a white cross in it ….

    Click on this blue circle and Edit all your details as required 😍😍

    Hope this helps 😘

    Kim WattsKim Watts


    That has done the trick πŸ˜€ thank-you

    Kim WattsKim Watts



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