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    Motivational Monday Message 😍😍

    So on Saturday we took on our personal challenge of joining 200 others in a 26.2 mile walk in London in support for Prostrate Cancer U.K. …….

    Was it easy ???

    Definitely NO 😩….. but if it was easy it wouldn’t be a challenge !

    What kept us going ??

    More than anything …. Our mindset ….. we kept our mind strong …. We never wavered from BELIEVING WE COULD DO THIS 😍😍

    Mile after mile our bodies ached more and more …. But we acted as a team … both giving words of encouragement when we could see each other having a tough moment ….. this is what MacOutreach is all about …. Helping : encouraging each other to achieve your personal goal

    We helped each other …. We laughed together ….. we kept telling each other how well we were doing …….. and we even shed a few tears of emotion when the finish came and we realised we had SMASHED IT 🏅🏅😍

    We had also trained hard …. We knew that we would be on our feet for a long time ( just under 11 hours of pushing forward with heavy rucksacks on our backs !! ) …..

    We even practiced packing our kits a few days beforehand so that we knew we would remember everything ( we have had Outreachers in previous years turning up to the run without their running number ….. so the more preparation you do ahead the better . )

    Those of you that have done your homework will undoubtedly feel the benefit as your body and mind will be better prepared for your challenge in less than 2 weeks time …..
    however … EVERYONE of you will achieve this as long as you keep BELIEVING 😍…..

    Read and re read your instructions from Carol for the event day … and all the event details and questions and answers on the Virtual Runner website ….

    The more preparation you do in advance the more enjoyable your challenge will be

    To say I am proud of our achievement on Saturday is an understatement …..
    we hope you are proud of what you have achieved over the last 11 weeks

    Keep believing
    Keep encouraging each other
    Never give up
    Never give in

    Oh …. And keep whoop whooping all the way 😂😂😘

    Look forward to seeing you all PROMPTLY tomorrow evening as the light is fading fast …

    Bridge & Baz 🏃‍♀️🏃🏃‍♀️🏃🏅

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