What a great day we all had yesterday at Felixstowe. Even the weather was kind to us. Fantastic achievement by each and everyone in Team Outreach. As coaches it’s so much easier for us when when we have a group that both help one another and also enjoy each other’s company . Every single one of you worked so hard to achieve your goal and hopefully with the help given by John Carlos Markham, Shaheda Ambrose,Paul Evans and of course my shy retiring wife Bridget Goldstone we have opened the door for you to a healthier lifestyle for you all.
It’s not all about running though, for us we just want to help others become more active whether that be running, walking , swimming, gym , Zumba it’s whatever suits you.
Also there is the huge mental aspect of exercise which makes us all feel better about ourselves and hence improves our mental health and well-being.
You have taken the first steps and the Facebook group you created for yourselves a brilliant way of keeping in touch, continuing your healthier lifestyle and supporting our new found friends.

The words of an old favourite song of mine come to mind and Bridget and me will be around

If you’ve got a problem, I don’t care what it is
If you need a hand, I can assure you this
I can help, I’ve got two strong arms, I can help
It would sure do me good to do you good
Let me help.

Take care everyone.