A really big well done to all those that were at Alton Water last night. A shorter run but so pleasing to see everyone running the majority of it, very little walking and even when doing so less than a minute at any time.

This week’s homework

Short Run =30 minutes

Ling Run = 60 minutes

you are all now able to run much further than five weeks ago so just listen to your body . Run as much as you feel capable although I would suggest no more than 9 minutes maximum at any one time . Irrespective of how many minutes you run for keep the walk break to no more than a minute.

enjoy your week running and remember
NEXT WEEK we are at

FELIXSTOWE meet at Garrison Lane Car Park which is next to Lidl.


This is a change in the schedule due to easier car parking and also there are plenty of toilets along the front.

Take care everyone