Whoop whoop

You are all getting stronger , fitter and more smiley week on week so a fantastic well done to you all …. We are extremely pleased with your progress to date being just a third of the way into the programme and already achieving walk / runs of 5K plus πŸ‘πŸ‘


This weeks homework ….
Short 30 mins

long 1 hour

please follow the same format as previous weeks … a brisk walk to warm up then 3 min / 1 min run walk splits .

keep your mind focused and strong and whilst you are out there have a positive conversation in your head with yourself …….
I can do this

whoop whooo … I’m strong and unbeatable

I can see the finish line and the crowd shouting my name ……


im a superstar β€˜

im a winner πŸ†


these positive affirmations will keep you going and you keep you focused .

Do your very best to keep running for 3 minutes ( don’t worry about your speed ) and keep the walk breaks to maximum of a minute


please remember that Shaheda has very kindly offered to take you round the Felixstowe park run on Sunday … this is a brilliant opportunity to do homework in a supportive group which will always make it fun 😍😍


all for now



GO MAKE US PROUD ( we are already actually 😊)


Bridge & Baz & the coaching team