So sorry we were unable to meet you personally at the induction , but rest assured we will be welcoming you next week to your very first training evening with all your coaches who will make sure that you all enjoy a fun evening on the road to a fitter future for you all.

I am sure you are all asking yourselves…oh no…what have I done ? Will I be able to rise to this challenge?? I am worried / scared…

Well, the good news is that you have already completed the scariest challenge – each and everyone of you have decided to get off the sofa and had the courage to sign up for this programme! That’s fantastic…Very well done to you all 👏👏👊

We have put together a fantastic programme for you which will gradually see you achieve a fitness  that you couldn’t imagine possible.
The biggest thing is that you will have all the coaches supporting, encouraging, making it fun (and safe) and you will be in the company of like-minded people who truly BELIEVE in your ability to rise to the challenge

Without a doubt the biggest part of being a successful runner is getting your head in the right place…YOU need to WANT to do this.

YOU need to imagine yourself crossing the finish line of our 10K challenge with a huge smile on your face…Go on…shut your eyes and start imaging that feeling…Cos with our help we can turn that image into a REALITY. You just have to learn to BELIEVE in yourself like we all do 😍

One last piece of advice – we will support you every single step of the way and be passionate in our quest to help you to achieve a fitter and happier lifestyle.

The one thing we need you to do is be committed to the programne and put in the work (we can’t actually do that bit  for you)😉

Lastly, I want to introduce you to our MANTRA, which you will hear me cheering at you all week after week and as your confidence grows you will be joining me!





Looking forward to seeing you all next week.


Bridge x🏃‍♀️